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MACULA DOG lives in ny right now.

there's a tape originally pressed by HAORD Records (HAORD 3)
and now back in stock, repressed by
HAORD Records and Ramp Local!
It's a nice little bundle; 10 tracks

there's a macula dog song on a compilation out through ramp local:

our first record came out on Wharf Cat Records last year
Why Do You Look Like Your Dog?

would you like a shirt?

There's some on the bandcamp page

Music Videos
Smokestack Music Video:

Purchase Power Station Music Video:

Me Round Mouth Music Video:

Want to see MACULA DOG live?

Maybe this list is up to date:

Past shows (incomplete)

November 5th
at a house near Hassle Fest

November 4th - Hassle Fest 8
w/ lots
Brighton Music Hall
Boston, MA

Fri, Aug 26th
w/ Jerry Paper
Baby's All Right
146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Our friend Apollo played guitar with us. While macula dog played glam jam, Apollo solo'd for about 8 minutes, 4 of which he was alone on stage and wandering around the venue. One of my most memorable macula dog moments so far. (matt)

Thursday, October 20
w/ Russian Tsarlag, Jeff Zagers, Justin Rhody, Farewell My Concubine
Red Light District in Far Rock

NE/Midwest Tour w/Cabo Boing
"Crack a Window For Mark Tour 2016"
September 22 - October 6th
I (matt) got sick on the ride to bennington, and then brian got sick after we got home.
I was feeling anxious and made some garlic tea (?) and it made me...yuck off the highway and behind the cafeteria
Sept 22 Bennington VT @ Bennington College w/ Casas
Sept 23 Anandale on Hudson @ Bard College w/ Human Host
 Sept 24/25 Providence, RI @ PUFFERS V w/ Black Pus + many others
Sept 26 Ithaca, NY @ Cayuga Lodge w/ Tender Cruncher & Beau Mahadev
Sept 27 Oberlin, OH @ Big Blue w/ Lovey, Krinkle Cutt
Sept 28 Oberlin, OH @ Live From Studio B WOBC 91.5FM
Sept 29 Chicago, IL @ Digital Art Demo Space w/ Fire Toolz, Clown Man, Organsm
Sept 30 Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon St. w/ Giant Claw, HYTWR
Oct 1 Pittsburgh, PA @ Rock Room w/ Cumquat, Grave Pool and Patrick Haley Coyle
Oct 2 Philadelphia, PA @ The Pharmacy w/ Neolibz + Lead Pipe
Oct 3 Kutztown, PA @ Spaghetti House w/ Nocht The Only Ghouls, Tape Monster, MICAH
Oct 6 Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville w/ Pariuh
Oct 8 Brooklyn, NY @ austin's basement in bushwick
(M Dog only) w/ Eartheater, Sediment Club and DUX 
email: for address

East Coast Tour w/Tender Cruncher
Macula Dog and Tender Cruncher's Tame Tour // Tourture // Horse Tour 2016
June 11 - June 23
6/11 - new brunswick, nj - in the west w/ half waif, fraternal twin, long beard
(ben was sick at home and Drut PD played instead of Macula Dog)
6/12 - richmond, va - (no, slept in a motel on the way to atlanta)
6/13 - savannah, ga - sulfur studios w/ jeff zagers, sunglow
(first show that went as planned)
6/14 - west palm beach, fl - bohemia ag w/ beatles haircut
6/15 - miami, fl - the anderson (moved to churchills back room) w/ treasure teeth, pewbert, bassudac, clavilux
6/16 - st. pete, fl (No, day off at TC's mom's place...wonderful)
6/17 - atlanta, ga - 368 ponce w/ sloane hilton, bottom shelf
6/18 - nashville, tn - betty's w/ no milk
6/19 - lexington, ky - The Scope w/ Ed Sunspot
6/20 - dayton, oh - fire blocks district w/ giant claw, dromez, mandibl
6/21 - ithaca, ny - science co-op w/ winston bongo
6/22 - brooklyn, ny - palisades w/ bernard herman, cabo boing

April Eastern Seaboard Solo Tour
April 6th - Providence, RI at Tommy's Place w/ Dan Talbot, Kizu, Dungeon Broads, Universal Cell Unlock
April 7th - Boston, MA at Deep Thoughts w/ Nonhorse, Pam Finch, drunk person
April 8th - Bard College, NY w/ Lily Konigsberg, Cal Fish, Jack
April 9th - Baltimore, MD at Floristree *PMF After Party* w/ Sapphogeist, Isabejja, Marcelline and Jared Brown
April 10th - Philadelphia, PA at Magic Pictures w/ Data + Gavin Riley Smoke Machine
April 12th - Brooklyn, NY at Palisades w/
Passive Aggressive Girls Club, Lisa Fagen, Matt Gant, Sarah Kinlaw & Luxardo

Fri Feb 26, 8pm
w/ Drama Section, Wume, Operator.

Sat Feb 20, 8pm
w/ Puff Pieces, Luxardo, Freind, Dougie Poole

Fri Feb 12, 8pm
w/ Parlor Walls, The Hecks, Lily Konigsberg.
Trans Pecos

Jan 30, 8pm - Out To See 3 festival
w/ Gary & Ross & Curtis & Lily, Jack Reese
South St. Seaport
192 Front Street New York, NY 10038

Fri 9/4 - Palisades
Brooklyn, NY  
w/ Giant Claw, Prince Rama & Darren Keen


Here's a radio interview:
there are some live sets from wnyu nyc, wobc oberlin, and know wave that are out there.
I'll upload them here eventually.
I (matt) am not so confident in our performances from these sessions.

WDYLLYD? press:


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